Mechanical productions

Following are the different production techniques of Cut on Demand collection rugs from Carpet Edition.

Mechanical weaving is a technique which permits the production of flat weaving rugs among which the best known are those with Jacquard weaving.
The new machines are equipped with hundreds of spindles that speed up weaving and a computer controls every detail of machining, thus minimizing the possibility of error.

Mechanical tufting is a highly technological process. The production is entrusted to a latest generation robot that works with maximum precision and speed The optimization and control of this process guarantees a series of detection systems which minimize stops and subsequent repairs.
The robot can move in any angle and direction, allowing full customization in of desired shape and can be mono color or designed.
All design work, including vectorization, is performed in a graphical plug-in.

Rugs in vinyl (or vinyl mats) are made of PVC. Various compounds are added to this material in order to customize the characteristics in terms of color, flexibility, hardness and shine.
The vinyl sheet is produced by immersion in a liquid . A mixture is created that will be spread into a thin layer through a rolling process.
After drying, this layer of “plastisol” or liquid plastic becomes a resistant, durable and easy-to-maintain sheet, ideal for high traffic areas.