Giulia Ferraris

Giulia Ferraris (1991) is an Italian multidisciplinary creative with a special attraction towards crafts and Mediterranean scenarios.

An evocative narrative and a keen eye for sensory perceptions are the roots of her creative process.

Graduated in Industrial Design in 2013, Giulia specialises first in brand communication and graphic design. In 2015, fascinated by textile design, she moves to Amsterdam where she joins studio Mae Engelgeer for 5 years. This close collaboration allows her to strengthen field knowledge and technical expertise. Since 2019 Giulia works as an independent creative for fashion and design brands, and works across different creative disciplines – art direction, styling, communication and graphic design, textile and product design.

In 2019 she founded A. Vetra, a personal project that shapes limited edition pieces in collaboration with artisanal identities.

Giulia lives now between Italy and the Netherlands.

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Giulia Ferraris