My Carpet Edition

My Carpet Edition is the “premium” line of rugs from Carpet Edition.
These rugs are of the highest quality and are particularly refined in design, style and finishes
With this project, Carpet Edition wants to propose a different vision of the rug, which maintains the highest level of craftsmanship and tradition, but reinterprets it with a more contemporary and metropolitan vision.
This program targets a sophisticated and demanding audience, offering the possibility to personalize each rug according to taste, style and the space to be designed. Every My Carpet Edition rug is, in fact, unique and special.
All rugs are hand tufted in Europe and can be personalized in design, color, size, pile height and type of production method.
With My Carpet Edition, you can push the personalization of your rug to advanced levels. In fact, it is possible to design each detail of your rug
The design can begin from an Autocad design, or a rendering, but also from a photo, fabric or a hand drawing.
All of this is done with the support of our technical department, which is able to process, visualize and present a graphic proposal for any customer idea.
All of our creations are unique.
With over 40 years experience, Carpet Edition is able to advise and accompany its clients every step of the way.
From choosing a design to its transposition to the rug. From proposing the most fitting models and finishes, up to controlling the quality of the hand work carried out by our artisans
Possibility to personalize My Carpet Edition rugs
Every rug can be customized in different ways:
–Shape (round, irregular and also “patchwork” or specific rugs for stairs)
–Production method
–Pile height, which can go from 10mm to 20mm

In addition, it is possible to have any logo put on a corner of the rug.
The process of customizing My Carpet Edition rugs

  1. The design
    Send us the design you wish to reproduce or choose from our collection of existing designs.
    If you are not able to send a graphic file, our technical department will produce one and send you a rendering for approval.
  2. Size and color.
    Specify the dimensions of the rug and the color codes from the corresponding pom-pom color samples.
  3. Pile height and Production method
    It is possible to choose the pile height of the rug. 10mm for bouclé or 12, 14, 16, 18 or 20 mm for cut pile.It is also possible to have contours cut and create different pile heights within the same rug, giving it more movement.
  4. Production
    The rug will be hand tufted in just 30 days by our specialized artisans located in Europe.
    Every Cut on Demand product is standard with a border selected by Carpet Edition, which can be modified upon request in terms of color, and in some cases also type.